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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Massive Disk Failure, Part 3

We've had a pretty good relationship over 10 years with the disk drive chassis vendor at the heart of this problem. We thought we had our bases covered with their extended warranty promising "overnight advanced replacement" of failed components.

Not quite. Try 2+ weeks to get the chassis replaced.

The problems cited by the vendor:
  • All of this happened in late December, and many of their staff were on "vacation" (or furloughed, we're not quite sure).
  • They did not have our particular chassis sitting on the shelf ready to ship. They had to build one.
  • After building our chassis, they had to "qualify" the chassis to make sure it worked right.
  • The chassis was ready to ship New Year's Eve. Oops. Chassis actually shipped on the Monday after.
Not much we can do about this. Our vendor let us down. Realistically, all we can do is not buy from them in the future.

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