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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fiber to the desktop? Not anytime soon

For decades, some vendors have pushed fiber to the desktop, instead of copper.

The advertised advantages of fiber have been:
  1. Fiber is "future proof" – you don't need to rip and replace every 10 years
  2. Fiber has higher bandwidth
  3. Fiber is immune to RFI
  4. Fiber is almost impossible to tap
  5. Fiber can run longer distances easily
In reality:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Design choices for new space

Made several important design choices for our new space over the past few weeks. Some of them surprised me.

Small green data center designs

I had a very long, hard road designing my new, small data center. All the visible activity is in large data centers.

Ironically, if cloud computing really takes off, we could see lots of small data centers, with fat pipes to clouds.

Some tasks won't move to the cloud, ever. We'll need small data centers for those tasks.

Would be nice if someone created guidelines for designing small, green, data centers.

If I had a few months uninterrupted, I would write those guidelines, maybe as a Wiki so everyone could add knowledge.

Long Time Gone

I know, everyone has lame excuses for not posting blog updates for months.

In my case, I really did get really sick and almost die -- twice.

Sorry, no sordid details. I'd like to maintain some privacy.