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Sunday, October 3, 2010

IPv6 transition ordered

We've been ordered to transition to dual-stack IPv6 plus IPv4 down to the client level in less than 4 years.

This will be a financial, operational, and security disaster.

For clear explanations of some of the major problems:
  • Stuart Cheshire (9:23 QuickTime video)  Co-author of many RFCs, and likes IPv6.
  • Carolyn Duffy Marsan @ NetworkWold.  We must have NAT66 for address independence, even if it's ugly.

Besides those, some of our specific challenges include:
  • No funding. Once again, we're asked to make major infrastructure changes (like this), with no additional resources for training, equipment, software, services, or personnel. We're supposed to stop doing all that frivolous stuff we never had time or money to work on, and work on this in our spare time.
  • Need more bandwidth. IPv6 packets have more overhead, meaning we lose network bandwidth. Dual IPv6 plus IPv4 networks mean more routing and other protocol overhead. Some of our network connections run over Iridium at 2400 bits per second(!), so yes, this is a big deal.
Not looking forward to this.

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