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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long time no post ...

Another multi-month break on blog posts. No dramatic medical issues this time.

My workplace is in multidimensional chaotic free-fall. In the past four months:

  • Major reorganization: nobody in middle management knows who reports to whom, and who makes key decisions.
  • Attempted takeover of departmental IT resources by headquarters
  • New accounting system with many bugs
  • New recruiting rules with many bugs
  • Abrupt reassignment of my boss – a Sunday night email effective Monday morning!
  • A series of temporary bosses, and no permanent replacement in sight.
  • One of my temporary bosses decided to make my life very miserable, in completely mystifying ways – and was rotated back to old job 5 days later.
  • Our major move is stuck in molasses.  We are no closer to moving than we were 14 months ago when we signed the lease, and much grumbling about lawsuits.
  • The "movees" are really mad and barely talking to anyone else
  • One of the movees is in charge of requirements for our migration from Solaris to Linux, so that's going nowhere.
  • One key IT retirement in December
  • Attempted to hire a replacement, only to have him back out 10 days before he was scheduled to report to work.
  • Attempted to recruit another high-level IT position, only to get flooded by resume's from incompetent but "must consider" applicants because of our new recruiting rules.
  • That recruitment was handed off to our disgruntled movee mentioned above!
  • Reliable reports of HQ planning mass layoffs, in an organization that's had only three mass layoffs in 30 years.
My crystal ball for forecasting anything isn't just cloudy, it's shattered.

Hard to look forward when you are busy fighting for your career and trying to keep IT support from crashing around your ears.

Not looking for sympathy – except that you won't be seeing much new from me until some dust settles.

On a brighter note – Anathem is the best fiction book I've read in decades. Highly recommended.

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