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Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Comcast Update

Comcast chose not to bid on our Gigabit Ethernet RFP after 16 months of negotiations.

So we're getting AT&T Gigaman Metro Ethernet instead.

In my first two Comcast blog posts, I was surprised that Comcast offered both high speeds and very competitive prices.

We started discussions with Comcast in early 2010, which continued through most of the process. Due to several SNAFUs on our side, we didn't get an RFP out until this spring. We got several proposals with order of magnitude price differences.

Much to our surprise, Comcast chose not to bid, so we signed a multi-year contract with AT&T.

Since then, communication with AT&T national has been difficult, while the local installers have been great. In fact, we've got the same installer for our Gigaman service who installed our DS-3 over 7 years ago!

Our Gigaman circuit gets turned on Monday, we'll see how it goes.

Our Gigaman circuit is single-mode passive optical fiber from our network interface to the AT&T Central Office, with no electric power required at our end. This circuit should be more reliable than our very reliable DS-3 service, which has three AT&T wall-mounted boxes which require customer-supplied electric power.

I compared network outages on our DS-3 to our "backup" dual T-1s. Our DS-3 has been over 10 times more reliable than the T-1s.

We're still using Comcast for our visitor's network. We just had Comcast move the termination from our old telecom room to our new main telecom room.

Still no demand for Comcast TV or phone service, but that might change in a few months.

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  1. Update:

    – AT&T Gigaman installed about three weeks late due to parts shortages and other installation snafus by AT&T.

    – We began using the new circuit about one month later due to labor shortages at our end.

    – So far, 100% uptime, all the promised bandwidth, negligible latency. Bandwidth-hog users are much happier.

    – Turned off DS-3 circuit on December 1.

    We're happy with the AT&T service!