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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Three years later ...

Three years since my last post. Time slips away.

I wrote a few stories for an online backpacking magazine. Fun, lots of work and rewarding.

Mentioned this to my boss in a weekly meeting, and 15 minutes later she suggested I move into science communication - writing about science for non-scientists.

That triggered a lot of changes!

I applied to the year-long UCSC Science Communication program. Much to my surprise, they admitted me.

Spent nine months working harder than I thought possible. Routine weeks were 60 hours; tougher weeks more than 70 hours. “Vacations” spent working on continuing assignments. Learned an incredible amount from a wonderful set of teachers and fellow students.

Interned at Point Reyes National Seashore for the summer. Fantastic location. The experience was not what I expected, but interesting and valuable.

Back to work - and faced with bureaucratic barriers to communication I didn't know existed. After a year, I've more or less figured out which paths work. I have about eight stories in development.

I don't miss IT support or data management much.

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