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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Problems with aging Esbit tablets

Esbit tablets are popular with lightweight backpackers for cooking. Some people keep them in survival kits. Esbit claims:
When properly stored, Esbit solid fuel maintains its full functionality for many years.
I'm not sure what Esbit means by "properly stored", but I had trouble with 5 year old Esbit tablets.

For my 2003, 500 mile PCT hike, I bought several dozen Esbit tablets. I didn't use most of them.

The tablets were stored in their original blister packs, inside Ziploc freezer bags, inside a sealed 5 gallon bucket, in a 55° F basement. Pretty good conditions, in my opinion!

In 2008, I pulled some of those 5 year old tablets out for a trip.

While cooking the first night's dinner:
  • The tablet "popped" repeatedly, like popcorn.
  • Each pop threw off small, flaming bits of tablet
I cooked meals successfully, but I watched each cooked meal carefully after that, to avoid burning nearby items.

At home, I tried some of the remaining tablets. More than half popped and splattered.

Throwing dozens of Esbit tablets in the garbage is a bad idea.

I piled the tablets up in a back yard covered fire pan, and burned the entire pile at once.

Lots of popping and splattering, safely contained within the mesh cover.

Now, I buy just the Esbit tablets needed, and buy fresh tablets if I have any doubt about the age of stored tablets.

I recommend replacing stored Esbit tablets every few years.

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